[kdepim-users] notifications

Anders Lund anders at alweb.dk
Sat Jan 3 23:44:20 GMT 2015

Lørdag den 3. januar 2015 17:56:45 skrev René J.V. Bertin:
> On Saturday January 03 2015 15:19:12 Anders Lund wrote:
> > ... yes, but not from kmail settings. Settings -> notifications to the
> > rescue. Why arent that just embedded in the settings dialog???
> Because KDE tends to separate notifications and shortcut settings from the
> application settings?

I like simplicity, so having to consider if there is an extra dialog for 
something is an extra level of complexety.

In the case of the shortcuts, this dialog is in almost every KDE application, 
so it is easy to get used to that function, while few applications have the 
notification dialog, so one does not think that there would be a special 
dialog. Even more so because the status icon can be configured in the settings 
dialog, and the notifications visually comes from that area as well in the 
standard configuration.


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