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Johann Rohwer jr at sun.ac.za
Mon Nov 24 06:39:55 GMT 2014

On Thursday 20 November 2014 09:48:50 Luis Felipe Tabera Alonso wrote:
> On Wednesday 19 November 2014 19:06:56 Kevin Krammer wrote:
> > On Monday, 2014-11-17, 18:09:17, René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> > > Hi,
> > > 
> > > is there a resource among the several proposed local mail types that
> > > provides a working inbox that allows to check the mail in $MAIL? If so,
> > > how
> > > does it obtain the location of the file where mail comes in?
> > 
> > I use the mbox resource for that.
> > The file location is one of the things it ask for when being configured
> > after creation.
> > 
> > Cheers,
> > Kevin
> Does it work with /var/spool/mail/$USER ?
> Because I have set that file as an mbox, and is a mess. New mails are not
> read, kmail does not delete the emails, configured to compact every 5 msgs,
> and, when I try to read the file with other tools, the emails are
> duplicated.
> I tried to set $HOME/mbox also and use mailtutils to copy messages from
> /var/spool to  $HOME/mbox but the result is the same.

I use it with maildir format and it works just fine. I use postfix on my local 
machine mainly to deliver emails from various system checks and cron jobs. In 
my postfix main.cf I have set:
home_mailbox = .local/share/akonadi_maildir_resource_0/inbox/
(note the final trailing slash which specifies maildir format).

I have then set up an akonadi maildir resource ("Local Folders") that points 

This is just a maildir hierarchy which can be read by other mail utilities as 
well (for example I have set it up to work with mutt for just doing a quick 
check on the command line). 

I have had no issues at all with this set up. In fact, I am using the "Local 
Folders" resource as an archive to move messages from my work IMAP account 
(using the "Expire" menu item from folder properties). Akonadi/baloo indexing 
works on the folders as expected.

$kmail --version
Qt: 4.8.6
KDE Development Platform: 4.13.3
KMail: 4.13.3
(on Kubuntu 14.04)


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