[kdepim-users] changing database backend

Daniel Vrátil dvratil at redhat.com
Wed Nov 12 12:40:44 GMT 2014

On Wednesday 12 of November 2014 02:17:14 René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd be interested to change from the builtin sqlite backend I'm currently
> using with the akonadiserver to using an "internal external" db server. I
> understand performance gains can be had with that, esp. if it can be
> configured to NOT do it's own form of COW since I'm running ZFS (innodb has
> such an option).
> I'm by no means database savvy, so I'd like to advice concerning the best
> choice for the server and the options to run it with (knowing that I also
> use KMail on a "kick-around" 2yo netbook). Any special care to observe to
> convert an existing configuration from one db backend to the other (I'd
> hate to have to reconfigure all the other settings)? On OS X/MacPorts,
> akonadi is configured by default to use mariadb; is that a good choice?

I personally use PostgreSQL, because I find it faster and more reliable. At 
some point I'd like to see it as default backend (but that's another topic). I 
can't say how well PostgreSQL performs on OS X, and I think you will be more 
lucky with getting some support for MariaDB on OS X than PostgreSQL, but I 
might be wrong *shrug*.

Switching backends is not officially supported by Akonadi, and the recommended 
way is to remove all Akonadi  data and configuration, then configure Akonadi 
to use the new backend, and start it. Yes, this is the only case when we 
actually recommend wiping Akonadi :)


> Thanks,
> René
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