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Pablo Sanchez pablo at blueoakdb.com
Thu Nov 13 18:42:20 GMT 2014

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On 11/13/2014 01:25 PM, René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> Hi again,

Hi René

> I'm afraid that in that case you'll have to delve into the
> code. Good luck with that, there's tons of it ...

:)!  I'm re-thinking my personal /process/ ... perhaps I can just do
as you suggested and write my email within my editor, then call
kontact via CLI.  That'll certainly be easier.

>> >   innodb_buffer_pool_size=768M
> Did that make a difference?

I haven't delved into it much .. yet.  :) .. more below.

>> >Just for grins, I'm going to try to trigger a large DELETE event but
> What you can also do, I think, is `akonadictl vacuum` to clean out
> the database, which is already something you can time. And then do a
> "check all accounts" in kmail.

I like the /vacuum/ option, I'll have to try it in a wee bit.  At the
moment though my database tables are quite small because I removed the
account ..

>> >Unfortunately, the above doesn't quite work (yet!) because the setting
>> >only takes for new DB connections.  I'm thinking of setting up a logon
> akonadictl restart ?

No, unfortunately not.  Let me explain (I've learned a lot since my
last email!  :) :) :)

First, /akonadictl restart/ is effectively /stop/ and /start/  Yes, I
know you this but hang with me ... :)

When we issue a /stop/ all DB client processes are stopped, then the
DB is brought down.

When we issue a /start/, the DB is started, then all the DB clients

The DB clients all have a special privilege (/super/) that for
viability reasons, mysqld will not fire a logon trigger.  I tried
different things, googling around but to no avail.

Instead, what I've done is I'm using the /--init_file/ parameter,
which is passed to the /mysqld/, to execute a global SQL script.  The
one with the setting to disable logging.  *grin*

I've configured /akonadi/ to call my shell wrapper, which passes all
the arguments passed in to it, plus the --init_file switch, to
/mysqld/.  I've confirmed logging is disabled.  ha!  (I wrote
everything down so if there's any interest, I'll post it).

I'm current re-creating my IMAP account which has tons of mail
messages (I'll know shortly).  I do see /mysqld/ eating CPU (~58% at
the moment) but very little I/O writing.  Well, not tons ... between
600 KB/s to 2MB/s.

I haven't looked into the SQL being passed to see if it can be
optimized.  There aren't many tables.  The one table I did look at, it
seems like we're doing name/value pairs in a relational database.
That's not a good thing for performance.  It's great for a developer
because the data structures don't have to change much.  But from a
performance perspective, hmm, not so good.  It's still early days
though so perhaps the name/value pair tables aren't big and it won't

I think I need to retire so I can work on this stuff for fun!

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