[kdepim-users] Kontact Citadel Problem - Calendar, Contacts not working

gary gary at corvustechnology.co.uk
Wed Apr 23 17:06:47 BST 2014

I have just installed Linux Mint 16, KDE Desktop, Citadel 8.24, Kontact 4.8.5 
on computer 1.
Connecting Kontact to Citadel so that email, Calender and Contacts are 
accessible has been successful on computer 1. 
I then installed Kontact on a second computer on my LAN running Linux Mint 16 
and KDE and the problems started. Connecting Kontact on the second computer 
has been partially successful. Email works. Calender and contacts do not work 
fully. I cannot see any existing calendar entries from the second computer. If 
I enter a new calendar entry on 2nd computer it appears in Citadel (can see it 
on from Computer 1 using WebCit or Kontact). However, If I make changes on 
Computer 1 the changes are not updated on computer 2. I can delete the 
calender entry on computer 1 and the respective calender entry disappears from 
computer 2.
Connecting Kontact and specifically Calendars on both computers was straight 
forward using groupDav. After entering the connection info into the Kontact 
DAV groupware resource wizard I have a successful test connection. 
I am not quite sure what to try next so any suggestions would be welcome. I 
would be interested to hear from anyone who has successfully got Kontact and 
Citadel working on a number of computers on a LAN.
Gary Scott
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