[kdepim-users] Kontact/Adressbook oddities (4.10.5)

Alexander Puchmayr alexander.puchmayr at linznet.at
Fri Sep 13 09:42:31 BST 2013

Hi there,

I was just trying to add my new neighbours contact information to my 
adressbook and to create a distribution list with their mail addresses -- 
without success.

But I encountered some oddities and strange behaviour, which I summarize 

I'm currently using kde-4.10.5 on gentoo (I know there is 4.11.1 available, 
but not yet in the stable tree in gentoo), with an adressbook residing in an 
onwcloud instance using the DAV-Groupware resource agent in akonadi. Kontact 
is used as mail program and for managing contacts.

1) From an email sento to all neighbours, I select each entry and "Add to 
adressbook". As soon as the dialog for editing the details appears, an 
additional dialog pops up telling me that the contact has been changed by 
somebody else -- very strange, since the entry does not even exist yet. 
I selected the "Take over changes" button, did my changes and clicked OK. 
So far so good, the new entry apperaed in ownclowd :-)

2) After having added all entries, I tried to create some kind of group or 
distribution list. 

Right-Clicking on one of the new entries in the contact manager and selecting 
the "New group" menu made a dialog show up. The "Add to" droptdown widget has 
only one selection: the "Personal contacts" (the contact/Addressbook resource 
on the local disk, which I don't use). No chance to create a group on my 
owncloud instance :-(
However, if I decide to use the local address book, How do I add some memebers 
to that group? Only TYPING a name seems to be possible, no drop-down menu, no 
browsable widget or the like -- Making this dialog more comfortable should be 
on the wishlist.

3) Then I've found another way to create such groups by starting a new email, 
adding all recipients and clicking on the "Save list" button. Give it a name 
and the next dialog to choose the destination allows me to select my owncloud 
adressbook. Well, something is created which looks like a group, and it even 
has all expected members in it, but it does not make it to the owncloud 
server. Akonadi-Console shows an entry without remote-id :-(

4) Owncloud knows about groups, but somehow akonadi does not seem to 
understand that, at least the ones I've created earlier in owncloud do not 
show up in kontact.

Best regards

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