[kdepim-users] Kontact/Adressbook oddities (4.10.5)

Kevin Krammer krammer at kde.org
Fri Sep 13 11:46:40 BST 2013

Hi Alexander,

On Friday, 2013-09-13, Alexander Puchmayr wrote:
> 2) After having added all entries, I tried to create some kind of group or
> distribution list.
> Right-Clicking on one of the new entries in the contact manager and
> selecting the "New group" menu made a dialog show up. The "Add to"
> droptdown widget has only one selection: the "Personal contacts" (the
> contact/Addressbook resource on the local disk, which I don't use). No
> chance to create a group on my owncloud instance :-(

It seems as if the DAV resource is currently not supporting that data type.
None of its folders will have the appropriate MIME type and thus not show up.

> However, if I decide to use the local address book, How do I add some
> memebers to that group? Only TYPING a name seems to be possible, no
> drop-down menu, no browsable widget or the like -- Making this dialog more
> comfortable should be on the wishlist.

Right, it currently only autocompletes. Might make sense to make it a non-
modal dialog and allow drag&drop for addressbook main view.

> 3) Then I've found another way to create such groups by starting a new
> email, adding all recipients and clicking on the "Save list" button. Give
> it a name and the next dialog to choose the destination allows me to
> select my owncloud adressbook. Well, something is created which looks like
> a group, and it even has all expected members in it, but it does not make
> it to the owncloud server. Akonadi-Console shows an entry without
> remote-id :-(

Given the assumption above, my guess is that the relevant code here is missing 
the plausibility check, i.e. allowing you to add a data item that the resource 
doesn't actually support.

> 4) Owncloud knows about groups, but somehow akonadi does not seem to
> understand that, at least the ones I've created earlier in owncloud do not
> show up in kontact.

Again most likely missing support in the resource.

Probably because we don't have support for vCard 4.0 yet which specifies 
lists, but somebody is working on that so it should become available to 
resource developers soon(tm).

Kevin Krammer, KDE developer, xdg-utils developer
KDE user support, developer mentoring
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