[kdepim-users] How to restart akonadi from cron?

Kevin Krammer krammer at kde.org
Thu Nov 14 14:50:32 GMT 2013

Hi Thomas,

On Thursday, 2013-11-14, 11:25:25, ITSEF Admin wrote:

> Apparently, there is something subtle missing when trying to (re-)start
> akonadi from cron - but so far, I have no idea what. Google only mentioned
> the d-bus stuff.
> Hence, if anybody out there has an idea, please let me know - thanks!

One idea I had: what if you only use the cron task as a trigger source but 
execute the restart inside the user session?

You would have one script that is started as part of the session, e.g. through 
the autostart facility.

It would have a loop that blocks on two points: first on whatever cron does to 
trigger stop and second on whatevr cron dies to trigger start.

I assume suitable blocking wait could be done with inotifywait, e.g. waiting 
for a file to be created and then either waiting for another file or waiting 
for the removal.

The cronjob would create/delete those "trigger indicator" files.

Or maybe there is something like cron that runs as part of a user session?

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