[kdepim-users] How to restart akonadi from cron?

ITSEF Admin itsef-admin at brightsight.com
Thu Nov 14 16:37:39 GMT 2013


On Thursday 14 November 2013 15:50:32 Kevin Krammer wrote:
> One idea I had: what if you only use the cron task as a trigger source but
> execute the restart inside the user session?
> I assume suitable blocking wait could be done with inotifywait, e.g. waiting
> for a file to be created and then either waiting for another file or
> waiting for the removal.
> The cronjob would create/delete those "trigger indicator" files.

That got me on the right track, thanks! I just created such a script and two 
trigger entries in cron. It's quite rough on the edges but sufficient to test 
whether this awful kludge can at least prevent akonadi from shitting itself 
when the IMAP server goes down at night. If that works, I'll make it a bit 
"nicer" so Kontact/akonadi at least stays usable.

Of course, the only *real* solution for this problem is to make akonadi (or at 
least the parts that deal with IMAP) more robust... I'll keep my fingers 
crossed that the developers can pull this off soon, as this is a deal-breaker 
for us... :-(


	Thomas Ribbrock, IT-Team brightsight
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