[kdepim-users] How to email to a list of people?

Mike McGinn mikemcginn at mcginnweb.net
Sat Nov 23 17:56:43 GMT 2013

On Saturday, November 23, 2013 05:26:54 Michel Pitermann wrote:
> > ok, but this does obviously not guarantee mail to groups/lists will work
> > :) as I mentioned before, kmail since 4.11.1 does this (and many other
> > things) now quite ok, so I recommend to give it a try (however, the
> > whole akonadi thingy is still hard to troubleshoot and not well
> > documented, plus ressource hungry/somewhat slow - on the other hand,
> > there are really useful features like flexible ressource options, such
> > as finally working google
> > contacts/calendars etc...)
> Too many people complain about Akonadi's ressource hunger.  I am not
> interested in the features you mentionned.  I would like just an email
> client, not a database manager.  Current version of Thunderbird cannot
> handle Maildir format in movemail accounts, Evolution has so many bugs
> that it has become a real pain.  I hope to be able tu use KMail.  It is
> just this List problem :-(
> pit

I run a usable version of Kmail under Debian Wheezy. Nevertheless, I am 
concerned with what my Kmail future holds. I decided to take control of 
things. I have a few gig of mail stored, so I installed dovecot and set up a 
local IMAP server. All my saved mails are now in an IMAP folder in my home 
directory. Thuderbird does IMAP. I had exim set up to use a smart host for the 
slrn news reader anyway (it was already there for cron to mail me). All my 
outgoing mail now goes through sendmail. Next I got fetchmail working which 
now sends all mail to my local inbox.

Now it does not matter which mail client I use and switching (except for my 
contacts) will be simple. I'll figure out the contacts when I have to.


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