[kdepim-users] Connecting KMail and KAddressBook version

Marc Deop Argemí damnshock at gmail.com
Sun Nov 3 21:36:26 GMT 2013

You need to feed the contacts information into nepomuk via an agent called 
"Akonadi Nepomuk Feeder"

run "aconadiconsole" and check the Agents tap in order to look for it. IIRC 
there was a but associated to it in 4.11.1 so you need to restart it (or 
toggle off/on I can't remember)

Hope you can find a solution to your issue


On Sunday 03 November 2013 11:10:14 Michel Pitermann wrote:
> Hello,
> I am running Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) based on Debian testing
> Jessie. I use the Mate desktop (not KDE). I installed kmail, kaddressbook,
> khelpcenter4, and kontact from the LMDE repository. I configured
> KMail and I imported my address book in KAddressBook. When I type an
> address in the composer window, only the addresses from the "Recent
> Addresses" address book show up. Nothing from KAddressBook. I then
> installed kdepim from the LMDE repository and rebooted my computer
> to no avail.  I tried many things without successes.
> Does anyone know how to connect the two pieces of software in version
> Thank in advance for any suggestion,
> pit

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