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Daniel Vrátil dvratil at redhat.com
Mon Nov 11 16:55:02 GMT 2013


On Monday 11 of November 2013 18:49:56 Peter wrote:
> Hi,
> 1.  I'm wanting to move my Kubuntu to another computer, and have looked at
> the docs on the KDE website, ...
> http://userbase.kde.org/KMail/FAQs_Hints_and_Tips#Transfer_mail_and_settings
> _to_another_computer_.28or_another_user_account_on_the_same_machine.29
> Are these documents completely up to date ?

The guide seems to be for pre-Akonadi KMail, so it's heavily outdated.

If you want to move to a different computer, while preserving account name and 
paths (that is $HOME will be the same as on the original computer), then you 
can just take ~/.local/share and move it. 

If you are planning on changing user name, you have to drop Akonadi. 
Unfortunately the Akonadi database is not relocatable at this moment, so you 
have to transfer your local emails (~/.local/share/local-mail), contacts and 
calendars and on reconfigure Akonadi on the other computer from scratch. Also 
export your KMail configuration and re-import it on the other computer to get 
filters and stuff.

> The docs state everything under ~/.local/share, but there are lots of paths
> there:
> :~/.local/share$ ls
> akonadi       backintime  gsettings-data-convert  icc         mime  
> recently- used.xbel  sbackup    totem  ubuntuone        
> user-places.xbel.bak      vlc zeitgeist
> applications  contacts    gvfs-metadata           local-mail  notes 
> rhythmbox telepathy  Trash  user-places.xbel  user-places.xbel.tbcache 
> webkit
> surely ONLY the akonadi path, and not the others ??
> 2.   I had a note about "For the address book you also need
> ~/.local/share/contacts", however that path is empty, but will copy it
> anyway.


Or you can export your contacts manually from KAddressbook.

> 3.   Am currently running Ubuntu 12.04 (Kubuntu desktop), and wanting to
> update to version 13.10 (saucy). The KMail version is
> Version 4.8.5
> Using KDE Development Platform 4.8.5 (4.8.5)
> From the package lists, it seems that Ubuntu 13.10 has KMail version of
> ( 4:4.11.2-0ubuntu1: amd64 i386). How come I'm on an older release
> of Ubuntu, but a later release of KMail.

No clue :-) But downgrading KMail is NOT recommended, especially if you plan 
on moving the entire Akonadi database. It will just not work.

> 4.  For KWallet, there is also   ~/.kde/share/apps/kwallet/kdewallet.kwl

Not sure how KWallet works.

> 5.   What about all the emails ? Do I simply copy them all into their
> appropriate paths/folders, or do I use "Import Messages". All my emails are
> single files per email.

If you use maildir/mbox, copy the source maildir/mbox and configure Akonadi on 
the new computer to use it. If you are copying the entire Akonadi, copy the 
maildir/mbox folders too, but you don't have to recon

>  Regards,
> Peter
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