[kdepim-users] Dangling "new" messages, fwiw

Joran Ahlback lists at dacomm.fi
Tue Dec 4 11:31:07 GMT 2012

Previous to 4.9.3, many hundreds of new mails were left for good in their 
respective "new" directories. Moving mails between folders would increase the 
numer of  these"new"  zombies. Updating such folders would increase the 
reported number of mails, although the number of real files remained constant.

Now with 4.9.3, this has improved drastically. Two cases remain: 

The spam and trash folders still accumulate "new" entries.
The other case is less obvious. Most of the time my filters succeed in emptying 
the inbox, but randomly some are left there.  This is not due to incomplete 
filter definitions. Identical mails will sometimes make it through the filters, 
sometimes not.

Now the interesting part. Selecting the Message -> Apply all filters will 
remove these left behind message from  the inbox, but in that case they also 
appear as "new  zombies" in their respective folders, and have to be removed 

I write this in the hope that it makes sense to someone :)

Joran Ahlback 
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