[kdepim-users] Migrating to another computer

Peter peter777 at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Aug 30 01:01:35 BST 2012


Have 'migrated' , however I have updated to KMail 4.8.4 from am earlier 
version of KMail (headers of an email below)

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The major problem is I can't "see" any folders. despite renaming the (old) 
KMail folder to KMail2, and copying all mail to the (new) KMail2 folder.

The 'rc' file (also different, it is now kmail2rc) has a "Folder' definition, 
which is correct at 


Any clues please, where KMail is looking for the folders ?

This is what I have done so far ..

copied kwalletrc
backed up kmail2rc
copied kmailrc --> kmail2rc
copied kwallet.kwl
renamed kmail folder on backup to kmail2
copied all of kmail2
copied /config/emaildefaults
coped  /config/emailidentities
copy mailtransports

I updated to Ubuntu `12.04 also, so all is very different.



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