[kdepim-users] open request to KDEPIM devs to address four long-standing regressions

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Mon Oct 17 19:47:13 BST 2011


On Monday, October 17, 2011 7:04 PM, "Anne Wilson"
<cannewilson at googlemail.com> wrote:
> I have to agree that this is almost certainly not a regression.
>  In some 10 years of using KMail I have never seen a QR code until 4.7
> (which is when I got KMail 2). 

Depends on what you consider a regression.  For me it includes both
funtionality AND usability lost.  But I won't uselessly belabor the
semantic point.

> I do tend to agree that a setting to disable new features that are intrusive would be helpful,
> but that's another matter.

It's not at all another matter from my users' perspective.

Prior to forced-QR-codes, they 'had':

(1) a dispaly of information that was manageable on small screens
(2) info that understandable ("what are these things?"),
(3) functionality that's not against policy (We, and a number of our
clients, by policy don't allow QR codes usage inside the firewall. No
way to verify what they 'do' ....  Yes, that's out choice, and one we'd
like to have the option to continue).

Calling it 'another matter', while a fair point & probably technically
correct, distracts from the main intent of my post -- that long-standing
and increasingly (un)popular issues aren't getting fixed, and it's
costing time, money and adoption.

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