[kdepim-users] KMail not sending mail

Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Thu Oct 20 07:06:57 BST 2011

Yngve Inntjore Levinsen wrote:
> 1-2) I'll check next time
> 3) Hmm, no? I have four imap accounts, a "local folders" and a varmail
> one. The local folders is a "maildir" I think, and when I checked the
> settings I noticed it had an empty path?

Please check again and also tell me what is that varmail one. Does it read 
from /var/spool/mail? If yes, that might be an mbox resource. Give us a list 
of all resource types you have.

> 4) I do receive new mails from most accounts (some are less active so not
> 100% sure). I'll check more carefully next time.

What I asked is to run the mail check manually and look at the progress bar 
if the check is done for all of your configured accounts or not.
More exactly for all where the Retrievel Options (in KMail settings) is set 
to Include in manual mail check. Of course do this when the sending bug 

> 5) No, definitely not. The only way I've found so far is to restart the
> machine, though I suppose some kind of restart of akonadi should be
> sufficient..

Restarting Kmail should be enough, or in worse case restarting the akonadi 

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