[kdepim-users] Re: KMail 2 filters and tags

Thomas Olsen tanghus at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 15:56:43 BST 2011

On Tuesday 12 July 2011 09:40:39 Dave Griffiths wrote:
> Dave Griffiths wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > Today though I set up a new message filter and set the filer to move the
> > message to a folder and apply 2 of the tags I already had. This also
> > appeared to work except the icons in the message header looked different
> > from the manually tagged messages. Digging further into my tag list I
> > discovered that I now had 2 new tags, with no name, added to the top of
> > my tag list. Deleting these made the tags vanish from the message which
> > I was then able to tag manually using my existing tags.
> > 
> > My question. Can anyone else confirm this action.
> > If it is a general fault then I will happily file a bug.
> Following the above I continued to use my system. DigiKam is also set to use
> nepomuk for tag storage. I did a resynchronise and all my digikam tags
> became available in kmail. This produced duplicate tags with the same
> values as the original message tags from kmail 4.4.11. I have now removed
> the original tags and this seems to have resolved the issue for me. Tagging
> as part of a filter rule now works as expected.
> Maybe this will be of some use to someone else.

My problem is that now apparently KMail and KOrganizer are using the same tags 
which is mildly said annoying.

Edit: I just double checked because there has been an update since I last 
cleaned up in the tags. The "sharing tags" seemed solved but KMail had like 30 
empty tags which I have now deleted.

Best regards / med venlig hilsen

Thomas Olsen

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