[kdepim-users] Flooded by Digikam-Labels in KMail

Torbjoern Klatt torbjoern.k at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 5 20:52:57 BST 2011

Dear all,

(cross-posting to kdepim-users and kde-imaging)

In short: I'm getting flooded by labels/tags/markers, which I can assign to 

I had some labels (about 10) for marking my emails before. KOrganizer (and an 
experimental Akonadi plugin for synchronising my Google Contacts and 
Calendars) added some labels now and then, but not too many. So I got not 
annoyed by this.

No I have been reorganising my photographs with Digikam (2.0.0RC) and 
relabeled my photos there. Within Digikam I enabled the option to save the 
metadata from Digikam into the Nepomuk framework (not the other way round). I 
guess, this option might have an influence on my problem.

Now I've got all labels (about 30-50!) from Digikam available in KMail for 
tagging my emails. When right-clicking on an email and going to the popup menu 
"mark message", my whole screen is filled with the submenu of possible labels.
The hierarchy of the Digikam tags is not considerred by KMail.

I could delete most of these photo-labels in the configuration of KMail, but I 
am not sure about the impact on the photo-labels in Digikam.

Is there a way of globally organising and assigning labels from different 
applications to just one or a subset of them? Having the same labels within 
different applications available is a big advantage, but one should be able to 
define "one-application-only" labels.

KDE 4.7RC1 (from master through openSUSE repo)
Kontact 4.7pre (same)
KMail 2.0.95 (same)
Akonadi 1.5.80 (same)
Nepomuk-Server 0.2 (same)
Nepomuk-Indexer 1.0 (same)
Digikam 2.0.0RC (self-compiled from master)

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