[kdepim-users] no local folders, lots of notes resources

Geoff Nordli geoffn at gnaa.net
Sun Jul 24 12:35:50 BST 2011

Braving a new world and making the switch from Outlook. 

Currently running Kontact 4.6.0 on Ubuntu 11.04 from the ppa:kubuntu-
ppa/experimental repository.  

I have a couple of bumps in the road to get over.  

I am not sure if this is normal, but in the Kmail Account settings, it shows 
"Local Folders" as "No usable storage location configured.".  Right now the way 
I have it configured, it am using the Local Folders to store email from two 
different accounts.  

I was playing around with the older version of Kontact (4.4 I think) before I 
made the jump.  After the installation, it did a migration, which needed some 
help to get through.  I needed to create a "note" so it could find one to 
migrate.  As well, I needed to manually delete the Kolab resource.  I still 
think there could be some lingering issues around migration. 

When I run akonadiconsole I see several "notes" agents.  These come back even 
I delete them.  why are there so many? 



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