[kdepim-users] kmail error

Ulf von Barth barth at ask.teorfys.lu.se
Fri Oct 8 19:16:10 BST 2010

   Dear Pascal,
Your suggestion for disabling nepomuk and strigi did wonders for the 
speed of my machine. It is now back to normal. Saving a 1 MB text file 
is now almost instantaneous whereas it took some 10s with nepomuk and 
strigi running. Maybe this had to do with the fact that my home 
directory is on an NFS mounted disc on the net?

I also solved the problem with the kmail crashes. The new version 
(1.13.5) of kmail on KDE 4.4.5 seems to need the latest version of mysql 
(5.1.50). But this version of mysql is not compatible with amarok which 
I am using as an audio player. So I downgraded my mysql (to 5.0.91) 
which caused kmail to crash. So I again upgraded mysql and kmail now 
works fine.

This, of course, leaves the problem with a dysfunctional amarok which 
can play but where playlists cannot be saved. But also this problem can 
be solved by manually creating an mysql database for amarok - but this, 
I think, is not a topic for kdepim users. Thanks again and cheers, 

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