[kdepim-users] Kmail (kde4) and Right-to-Left languages

Stan Goodman stan.goodman at hashkedim.com
Mon Oct 25 16:00:20 BST 2010

I find that writing or answering a message in Hebrew produces an ungainly 
mess, with the lines all aligned with the left margin. I do not find a 
setting to change this, there is nothing related to bidi, nor is there a 
way to set left alignment. The same problem would arise in Arabic.

To be clear, the order of the characters, from right to left, is correct, 
so one can read the line correctly. The problem is only where the straight 
margin is.

Equally disconcerting. and probably related to the above, is the fact that 
the final punctuation mark of a paragraph is displayed at the right end of 
the line (where it doesn't belong), not the left (where it does). The only 
apparent solution is to leave the end of the paragraph unpunctuated.

Am I missing something? Or are these effects bugs that the team knows 
about and will correct?
Stan Goodman
Qiryat Tiv'on
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