[kdepim-users] Re: KMail use 25% cpu

Peter peter777 at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Oct 31 23:06:40 GMT 2010


On Sunday 31 October 2010 23:33:29 Alexander Harrowell wrote:
> On Saturday 30 October 2010 05:35:59 O. Sinclair wrote:
> > On Kubuntu 10.10 with KDE 4.5.2 (noticed problem in KDE 4.5.1 though),
> > KMail version 1.13.5
> > 
> > When I fetch mail (pop3 accounts only) KMail use around 25% of CPU,
> > especially if one or more account(s) get stuck at "preparing
> > transmission..." that happens ever so often where I reside.
> > 
> > Is this a known problem, I can not recall having seen it on earlier
> > version of Kubuntu/KDE?
> Relatedly, I'm suddenly seeing very slow running in KMail/Kontact.
> Specifically, on startup when it downloads my e-mail from 1 POP3 and 1 IMAP
> accounts, it's essentially semi-functional for as long as half an hour
> while applying the filters. It typically burns about 20-25% CPU, and seems
> to really hammer the disk. It's not hitting the swap - we'd be looking at
> having well over a GB of RAM spare.

I had a very similar situation about a month ago, posted it to the mailing 
list , as follows ..

Running Kmail 1.13.2 and KDE 4.4.2, with Ubuntu 10.04 , all updates applied.

KMail is constantly freezing, one instance where a process called virtuoso hit 
400% ,a dn there were many nepomukservices running and other nepomuk 
processes, all eating up a LOT of CPU.

It's at the stage now that I can't reply to any messages, it just freezes, so 
even this may not get through.

I looked in the package manager, does Kmail depend on nepomuk?? or virtuoso?? 
at all, I'd rather uninstall them.

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