[kdepim-users] akregator disk usage

Ivan ivan.q.public at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 03:56:50 BST 2010

I'm wondering why Akregator's disk usage only seems to go up with time 
and never decreases even if I delete some articles or feeds.

I've figured out the basics of how akregator stores the feeds, i.e., one 
.mk4 file (metakit database) per feed, stored in


. So... more detailed questions:

(1) Does Metakit provide for a way of compacting a database file when 
entries are removed? Or could Akregator at least offer a way to rebuild 
the database files at regular intervals so as to remove deleted articles?

(2) Why doesn't Akregator delete (or offer to delete) the .mk4 file 
associated with a feed when the user deletes the feed?

(3) When changing the URL of a feed, why does Akregator create a 
completely new .mk4 file rather than rename the existing file? (This 
seems like a serious bug, actually, since it has the effect of making it 
look like all the feed's old articles have been deleted. Even though the 
old .mk4 file is still around, it's no longer accessible via the GUI.)

(4) I noticed another serious metakit-storage-related bug which I might 
as well mention before I forget. One time I left Akregator open for 
several days until my computer crashed. After the crash, my feeds 
appeared as though my last Akregator session had never happened! (If I 
had to guess, I'd say that this might be a side effect of Metakit's 
"Stable Storage" feature. Perhaps Akregator never marks the .mk4 files 
as "clean" (or whatever) until it quits?)

By the way, I noticed the following thread on this same topic, but it 
doesn't have any answers at the moment:


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