[kdepim-users] Sort Order in KDE-PIM

Bob Smits bob at rsmits.ca
Mon Mar 22 18:50:22 GMT 2010

On March 20, 2010 01:52:51 pm Brad Rogers wrote:
> On Sat, 20 Mar 2010 20:31:38 +0000
> Anne Wilson <annew at kde.org> wrote:
> Hello Anne,
> > Presumably that's because 222 and 2000 are not being seen as digits,
> > but as characters.
> A common enough 'problem' in a package used, mostly, for alphabetic data.
> It's easily overcome by ensuring all numeric parts contain the same
> number of digits, thus;
> CUPE 2000 & CUPE 0222
> Then they'd sort 'correctly'.  If Bob has no control over how the names
> are generated, he's OOL, of course.

Thanks, Anne and Brad. I understand what this is caused by, I just want to fix 
it. I don't have any control over the number of numbers in other organizations 
names, of course.

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