[kdepim-users] kmail + akonadi + nepomuk = checkmail takes forever :/

Darknight darknight7 at tiscali.it
Thu Mar 4 13:29:49 GMT 2010

2010-03-04 09:42:15 Darknight
> 2010-03-03 14:50:35 Anne Wilson
> > Since 4.4.1 is going to be available any day now you may wish to wait
> > rather than experiment with work-arounds.  It's likely that the delay you
> > are seeing is due to database searching - a bug that has been corrected
> > in 4.4.1.
> By the way, 4.4.1 didn't solve the problem until I disabled nepomuk
> semantic desktop.

Unfortunately it seems that it only worked long enough to make me write the 
positive report... kmail is now at 30% cpu and kcryptd is at 30% too (I have 
an encrypted home partition) during the first checkmail.

Therefore I think none of the options I checked about nepomuk make any 
difference, the issue however *should* be related to nepomuk, as it started 
right after I enabled akonadi and nepomuk without any change in kmail 

I used iotop to determine which process was ultimately responsibile for the 
disk i/o and it is kmail, it is reading up to 25MB/s the whole time. Disk 
writes are minimal and I see no mysql or nepomuk/akonadi activity, no 
bogofilter (antispam) either. :/
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