[kdepim-users] Kontact present and future and sync questions

Robert Hayes rhayes at silcom.com
Sat Mar 6 02:21:33 GMT 2010


Thank you so much. 

But I'm still a bit comfused. I understand now that Akonadi is a layer between 
apps and data storage, but where does the migration to a db (mySQL) come in? 

I have read that the goal is to migrate all the apps to a SQL backend.
>From my experience with db programming it seems that that will have dramatic 
benefits for access speed, searches, and cross-app access.

Looking to the future: once the apps are all ported to a SQL backend option, 
wouldn't duplicating the db backend (using proper SQL duplication methods) be 
the best way to maintain data integrity for one person between the two 

I should have mentioned before, I tend to install software and run it 
unaltered for years. The last time I upgraded my machine was about six years 
ago. I run straight Debian. I'm from the 'Don't Fix What Isn't Broken' school 
of thought.

So you  can see why I am trying to divine the future as much as possible. Once 
I decide and commit to a new organization software, I don't want to have to 
change again until absolutely necessary.

Thanks again. Kontact looks and runs so well right now. It's the hands-down 
first choice for me. I've been testing it on my Asus 1005PE-P netbook (Atom 
450) running Ubuntu Netbook Remix. It's very snappy on this little box.



On Friday 05 March 2010 13:51, Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> On Friday 05 March 2010, Robert Hayes wrote:
> > Apologies in advance for this lengthy post.
> >
> > I'd like to use Kontact. I love the UI! The developers and designers
> > have done a terrific job!
> >
> > Here's my current situation, followed by numbered questions.
> >
> > I'm traveling periodically and have acquired a netbook. I am trying
> > to decide on a new contact manager / organizer package.
> >
> > I work alone, and I'm the only person who uses both my desktop and
> > netbook computers.
> >
> > I'd like to be able to have the latest and complete data sets
> > available on either computer after synchronization. On the desktop I
> > have full time broadband, but when traveling I may be several days
> > without internet connectivity. I'd like to be able to schedule
> > appointments, respond to cached emails, etc while offline. Then when
> > I return home have all the new work synchronized again in full.
> >
> > Currently I using Kmail 3.x for email, and egroupware for scheduling
> > and some contacts, running on a local apache server on my desktop.
> > egroupware has been problematic, the email has never worked for me
> > and upgrades have been difficult and usually unsuccessful. This may
> > be just as much a result of complications with apt as anything else.
> >
> > I use paper printouts when I travel .
> >
> > I'm comfortable with mySQL, and have no problem with running a server
> > on both the desktop and netbook if that is required to get the best
> > out of Kontact. I've programmed database software professionally
> > years ago. I've read as much information as I can find on Akonadi
> > and its associated layer software, but still don't understand it
> > all.
> >
> > Questions:
> >
> > 1) Will all the apps in Kontact eventually use Akonadi as their data
> > repository?
> No. Akonadi is no data storage. Akonadi is a layer between data storage
> and the applications.
> > 2) Will it be possible in the future to run Kontact apps with
> > individual flat- file data sources as in the past?
> Yes. Absolutely.
> > 3) If everything will be in an Akonadi db in the future will
> > synchronization simply mean duplicating the db across machines?
> No. The Akonadi db should not be duplicated. It just contains meta data
> to give the applications faster access to the important parts of the
> data. You can probably think of it as a smart cache with a nice API for
> applications to get the data. You will want to duplicate the data
> storage(s) (e.g. the flat calendar or address book files), not the
> cache.
> > 4) (This may be the important question) Until Akonadi is implemented
> > for all contained apps, how can I sync both machines? Copy the
> > /home/user folder and Akonadi db?
> No. Just copy the data. Ignore the Akonadi db. (It doesn't harm to also
> copy the Akonadi db, but you must not do this when the db is still
> running because the db might be in an inconsistent state when you copy
> the db files.)
> > 5) After Akonadi is fully implemented for all apps how will
> > synchronization be handled? Will this process be programmed, or will
> > it be necessary to handle it directly through mySQL?
> There are some plans for handling synchronization, but for the time
> being you are better off simply synchronizing/copying the data
> storage(s).
> Regards,
> Ingo
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