[kdepim-users] Kontact present and future and sync questions

Robert Hayes rhayes at silcom.com
Fri Mar 5 20:49:46 GMT 2010

Apologies in advance for this lengthy post.

I'd like to use Kontact. I love the UI! The developers and designers have done 
a terrific job!

Here's my current situation, followed by numbered questions.

I'm traveling periodically and have acquired a netbook. I am trying to decide 
on a new contact manager / organizer package.

I work alone, and I'm the only person who uses both my desktop and netbook 

I'd like to be able to have the latest and complete data sets available on 
either computer after synchronization. On the desktop I have full time 
broadband, but when traveling I may be several days without internet 
connectivity. I'd like to be able to schedule appointments, respond to cached 
emails, etc while offline. Then when I return home have all the new work 
synchronized again in full.

Currently I using Kmail 3.x for email, and egroupware for scheduling and some 
contacts, running on a local apache server on my desktop. egroupware has been 
problematic, the email has never worked for me and upgrades have been difficult 
and usually unsuccessful. This may be just as much a result of complications 
with apt as anything else.

I use paper printouts when I travel . 

I'm comfortable with mySQL, and have no problem with running a server on both 
the desktop and netbook if that is required to get the best out of Kontact. 
I've programmed database software professionally years ago. I've read as much 
information as I can find on Akonadi and its associated layer software, but 
still don't understand it all.


1) Will all the apps in Kontact eventually use Akonadi as their data 
2) Will it be possible in the future to run Kontact apps with individual flat-
file data sources as in the past?

3) If everything will be in an Akonadi db in the future will synchronization 
simply mean duplicating the db across machines?

4) (This may be the important question) Until Akonadi is implemented for all 
contained apps, how can I sync both machines? Copy the /home/user folder and 
Akonadi db?

5) After Akonadi is fully implemented for all apps how will synchronization be 
handled? Will this process be programmed, or will it be necessary to handle it 
directly through mySQL?
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