[kdepim-users] Akonadi or address book problem

Martin (KDE) kde at fahrendorf.de
Sat Mar 27 12:44:31 GMT 2010

Am Samstag, 27. März 2010 schrieb Anne Wilson:
> On Friday 26 March 2010 20:09:13 Martin (KDE) wrote:
> > Am Freitag, 26. März 2010 schrieb Anne Wilson:

--- snipped out stuff ---

> > 
> > That's my guess. As my kmail/kontact has a huge delay at startup
> > (about 30 seconds). To be honest, I think this delay is in there
> > for a while now (4.4.0 or even longer),
> Yes, that's when it started working with nepomuk and akonadi.  It
> was much worse under 4.4.0 than it is now, but there still is a
> very appreciable delay. I hope that this is something that will
> improve.

Without autostart korgac it is faster (less than 20 seconds).

> > but since my 4.4.1 update it brings
> > the error message. And I noticed today, since the update the
> > korgac systray icon was missing. With disabled autostart it is
> > visible again.
> Did you set anything specific to autostart it?  I never have done. 
> It's always just started as default.  I'm just wondering whether
> it is actually trying to start twice - if two different settings
> are working on it. Check ~/.kde/Autostart and ~/.kde/env if it
> exists - make sure that it's not in either.  Other than that, I've
> no further ideas at the moment.

I only set/reset the option "start at login time" of the korgac 
systemtray icon (right-click-menu). So afaik no other korgac starting 
from autostart.

> > As kontact starts automatically after login the korgac is
> > starting shortly after kontact without any problems.
> > 
> > And yes, it is the reminder thingy .
> FWIW, I have IMAP mail from my own server
> Local Addressbook - since remote addressbook file was disabled, a
> year or two back
> KOrganizer on my server, so working remotely
> Apart from mail, none of the others are using the IMAP service, so
> it's somewhat similar to yours, but also has some significant
> differences if you are using IMAP contacts.

Yep, I use IMAP contacts and appointments which is very nice as I can 
access this data remote over a single imap connection. I have a local 
imap server running for at least 5 years (on those nice mandrake linux 
systems). Different to your setup I use cyrus imap server.

> Anne

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