[kdepim-users] kmail + akonadi + nepomuk = checkmail takes forever :/

Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Wed Mar 3 13:50:35 GMT 2010

On Wednesday 03 March 2010 13:15:48 Darknight wrote:
> With kde 4.4 kmail will refuse to start without akonadi and nepomuk being
> active so I setup both and now when I start kmail I need ~15 minutes for a
> checkmail. Mind you, this is only for the first checkmail; the following,
> automatic, ones are (apparently) as fast as they used to be.
> For the whole time kmail uses a substantial amount of cpu (25% on a
> Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4300 @ 2.10GHz) and makes the hard disk cringe
> and sob under the load, if I want to start an application after kmail
> during this time, it takes forever. Running applications have no problem
> until they start some substantial disk I/O.
> Well, this is very, very disappointing.
> I have 4 pop accounts and 3 dimap accounts, maybe it means something to
> you...
> Thanks in advance for any tips you may share to eliminate or mitigate this
> issue.

Since 4.4.1 is going to be available any day now you may wish to wait rather 
than experiment with work-arounds.  It's likely that the delay you are seeing 
is due to database searching - a bug that has been corrected in 4.4.1.

Do you normally read your mail within Kontact?  For the cpu usage problem, 
have you tested whether KMail uses as much CPU when stand-alone as it does 
when run within Kontact?  I'm of the opinion that it doesn't, and that there 
is some other problem in kontact that is affecting this, so I'd like to know 
your observations on that.  I'm passing info to the developers as I find it.

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