[kdepim-users] kmail + akonadi + nepomuk = checkmail takes forever :/

Darknight darknight7 at tiscali.it
Wed Mar 3 14:41:51 GMT 2010

2010-03-03 14:50:35 Anne Wilson
> Since 4.4.1 is going to be available any day now you may wish to wait
> rather than experiment with work-arounds.  It's likely that the delay you
> are seeing is due to database searching - a bug that has been corrected in
> 4.4.1.

I will upgrade as soon as gentoo packages hit portage.

> Do you normally read your mail within Kontact?

No, I stopped using kontact due to it crashing at start throughout the 4.3.x 
series (I think) and the fact that I can't reliably syncronize my mobile phone 
with calendar todo and contacts. Either the phone or kontact would need 
tedious manual updates and in the end the phone won because I always have it 
with me.
So, right now, I'm running kmail as a standalone application.
The cpu usage is not really an issue, it could be better of course but that's 
not the point. I added it for completeness but the only real problem is the 
disk usage.

> I'm passing info to the developers as I find it.

Thank you very much.

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