[kdepim-users] fc11 kadressbook 4.4 - custom fields and other configurations

Werner Joss werner at hoernerfranzracing.de
Mon Mar 1 20:01:59 GMT 2010

Am Monday 01 March 2010 20:34:12 schrieb Dj YB:
> do you know what package(s) exactly I should revert,
> the one affecting the address book.

for fedora, I don't know, sorry (I'm using kubuntu, where, as this is a debian 
based distro, one can just 'pin' a particular version of a package, e.g. 
kdepimlibs, which then will not be upgraded).
but I suppose that would be at least kdepimlibs and everything depending on it 
(kontact, kmail, kaddressbook...) - 4.3.5 is the last version before the 
switch to akonadi based addressbook.


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