[kdepim-users] Critically awful failure in KMail/Kontact

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Wed Mar 24 20:12:28 GMT 2010

On Tuesday 23 March 2010, Alexander Harrowell wrote:
> OK. running KDE4.3, I tried to set up a Disconnected IMAP account for
> my Gmail account, and watched it begin to slurp all the accumulated
> mail from the last 6 years (and the imported stuff back to 1999).
> Two things; first time out, Kontact crashed part-way through.
> Resuming the job, I set up the folder descriptions, and decided to
> remove the old online IMAP account. Removing the account icon
> deleted all the folders on the server - no warning.

How did you "remove the account icon"? As far as I know, accounts can 
only be removed via the Settings dialog.

> Secondly, today, I had it slurp all the e-mail again. It did so,
> eventually. After the synchronisation was complete, I set up a new
> folder structure and some filters to reprocess the e-mail into the
> new folders, opened all the groups in "All Mail", selected
> everything and chose "apply all filters" - after about the first
> 1,500 messages had been filtered, Kontact crashed with signal 6.
> Relaunching Kontact, I discover...NO TRACE OF THE ACCOUNT. Nothing,
> it seems, had been stored! Presumably the entire IMAP cache was in

Your assumption is incorrect.

> - no wonder it's crashy, btw.

If it crashed due to running out of memory then you should have noticed 
an awful lot of swapping before the crash occurred (unless you do not 
have a swap partition).

> Checking in the /dimap/ folder confirms that there is nothing there.

Are you sure that there are no hidden files or folders?

> This is really awful, both the crashiness and - worse - the "oops,
> why not do it all over again" carelessness with data. I mean, how
> long would I have had to keep it running before it thought to write
> my data to disk?

The data is written immediately to disk, but it might be that the 
account settings are not written immediately to disk after the creation 
of the account. I suggest restarting Kontact after the creation of the 

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