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Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Sun Mar 28 18:09:02 BST 2010

On Sunday 28 March 2010 17:53:36 Martin (KDE) wrote:
> Am Sonntag, 28. März 2010 schrieb Anne Wilson:
> > On Sunday 28 March 2010 10:41:49 Martin (KDE) wrote:
> > > OK
> > > 
> > > Finally I got it fixed. It was the "local folder" resource which
> > > made the error. As I don't know for which service I need it, I
> > > removed it and know akonadi works without an error message.
> > 
> > It's not needed for now.  You'll probably need it later.  What you
> > saw is almost certainly another maniestation of
> > http://userbase.kde.org/Akonadi_4.4/Troubleshooting#Folder_not_foun
> > d:_.22.2FLocal.22
> So my akonadi works without an error, the local folder is back in my
> akonadi resource list. But the path it points to is empty. Next I went
> on like suggested in your link. Not at next kmail/kontact startup, but
> at next login the local folder is back again and it points to the same
> folder as in the days I had the error. After my next reboot it is
> empty again.
It should be empty - but I'm not sure why it is showing the old path again.
> After a little thoughts about it and some searches in my kmail
> configuration I tested ~/Mail as the path, an there were no error at
> login and the path remain the same. So maybe the path set up in this
> resource must match the one I use in my kmail local folder?
No.  I made the same mistake.  I was told that it's easiest to remove it for 
now and restore it when it can be used - which won't be before 4.5, I think.

> > > To sum up my experiences: The error Messages are mostly
> > > misleading. The documentation which akonadi module is used for
> > > which scenario is ... lets say improvable.
> > :
> > :-)  Please help us to improve it.
> As we are on it: What is the goal of the ~/.local/share/contact folder
> of my personal contacts if I already have a contact resource?
The definitions in http://userbase.kde.org/Akonadi_and_AddressBook should help 
you sort these things out.  They were supplied by one o the developers.  
~/.local/share/contacts has individual vcards, of course, which seem to me to 
be easier to cache than addresses in one big vcard file - but that's 
guesswork, not an official explanation.

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