[kdepim-users] Update broke my addressbook

r bartlett techwritebos at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 20 21:32:43 GMT 2010

I'm using Fedora 11 and KDE (4.4.1) which updated automatically a few days ago as part of the updater.  Kernel  (PAE if it matters).

The first time I ran Kontact after the updates/reboot there was a long wait with a message "Akonadi starting" or something, and then a list with a lot of checks and a few Xs.  I didn't really think anything of it but it appears my Addressbook is totally broken.  It works when I'm composing a message, but several odd things occur when trying to add anything to it:

1.  In a message, I used to be able to right click and then "Add email to Addressbook."  That brought up a totally blank window with "Please select the addressbook" and that was all that I could do.  No addressbooks were displayed, and no "Continue" or "OK" button appeared at the bottom.  It was just a white pane.  

On a hunch, I went into the Addressbook and discovered that there were three std.vcf files.  Two appeared to be totally blank.  One was the one I was using and had my addresses.  I deleted (apprehensively) the other std.vcf files and now it works.  I get the "please select an addressbook" and choose the only option, and the info is saved.

But why have this option at all?  It's an annoying extra step (two mouse clicks) where before there were none.

Also, what were those phantom std.vcf files...and might they have been important?  

2.  In the Addressbook itself, where before there was a nice default with a few names (usually the last name viewed) with all the appropriate info there, now I'm presented with 3 columns, one of them simply the highlighted "std.vcf" file.  The next column I have to scroll down through hundreds of addresses that are just an email (with no name) before I finally start to see the full addressbook entries.  Can I alter this to be what it was before?  The card format?  And can I get rid of the useless column at the left which just takes up space (with "std.vcf")?

3.  When I click "Show Simple View" Kontact promptly hangs.  What is "Simple View" and might this be what I was looking for?  

Thank you.  I am sorry if this is already a known issue but my searches of the list didn't come up with anything that seemed right.


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