[kdepim-users] How to disable Akonadi?

'Eddie eddie at cs.rhul.ac.uk
Fri Mar 19 11:26:22 GMT 2010

On Friday 19 Mar 2010 10:11:21 Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Thursday 18 March 2010 16:32:10 Daniel Richard wrote:
> > On Thursday 18 March 2010 05:52:37 am Darknight wrote:
> > > 2010-03-18 14:49:54 Thomas Taylor
> > > 
> > > > How can I disable Akonadi from starting when kmail starts?  Every
> > > > time kmail starts, Akonadi displays an error message about failing
> > > > self-test.
> > > > 
> > > >   I can save the message (see attached) but when I click on the
> > > >   messages
> > > > 
> > > > close button, it crashes kmail.
> > > 
> > > I had the same problem, in my case it was mysql 5.1, with 5.0 it works.
> > 
> > Same sort of issues here.  When I first installed Mandriva 2010 with KDE,
> > it started the Akondi and gave me the errors mentioned about failing
> > mysql5.1.  I am using Kontact for mail and most of it seems to be working
> > OK, but there are times when I try to retrieve mail that it locks up
> > (maybe unrelated).  I also have not been able to set up the archiving in
> > Kontact.
> Because KMail depends on KAddressBook you can not run it without Akonadi. 
> You have to sort out the problems so that Akonadi, and hence KMail, can
> work. First - the obvious question.  I assume that there's no possibility
> that mysql was not re-started since the update?
> Read the error message carefully, then see if any of the entries in
> http://userbase.kde.org/Akonadi match your problem.
> I don't know whether your fetching problems could be related or not, but
> certainly KMail can be expected to have problems if it is trying to use a
> database that is corrupt.  I'd be inclined to try the commands given to
> remove the existing database, though you probably need to sort out the
> mysql problem first.
> Anne

I'm not sure of the reasoning behind it but why should KMail be dependent on 
KAddressBook?  Isn't it possible that KMail users are not interested in 
running KAddressBook or perhaps choose to use a different address book or 
something?  I know initially that it used to annoy me greatly that every time 
I'd start my system I would see this thing come up on my screen and then an 
error message and I'd be wondering "What on earth is this thing Akonadi? Why 
do I need it, etc etc etc.?"  I've now got used to seeing this progress bar 
but I would actually prefer not to see anything and if it meant dumping 
KAddressBook in order to achieve this I gladly would.  If Akonadi is a backend 
service can't it run quietly in the background by default and just notify root 
or the user in a discreet way?

Just some thoughts (don't know the best forum to express them so I thought 
that I'd express it here.  Hope it doesn't cause offence)

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