[kdepim-users] another nepomuk question

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Sun Mar 21 21:06:49 GMT 2010

On Sunday 21 March 2010, E. Hakan Duran wrote:
> Hi all,
> Please accept my apologies if this is an inappropriate place to
> address this question. I mentioned here before that since I have
> upgraded to KDE 4.4 I couldn't see the little pictures of my
> contacts anymore when ı preview their e-mails in Kmail. I also
> cannot get the Strigi service running from KDE Control Center. I can
> use Kontact, Kmail and Kaddressbook fine with the exception of
> above-mentioned problem. My problem is not listed in the web page:
> http://userbase.kde.org/Akonadi however, I still used some ideas
> there to find out the issue. Here is what I did:
> 'akonadictl status' returns:
> Akonadi Control: running
> Akonadi Server: running
> Akonadi Server Search Support: not available
> nepomukserver returns:
> Nepomuk server already running.
> I stop it by issuing the following command as suggested:
> qdbus org.kde.NepomukServer /nepomukserver org.kde.NepomukServer.quit
> Then I delete the directory, again as recommended:
> rm -r ~/.kde4/share/apps/nepomuk
> And then restart nepomuk by issuing the 'nepomukserver' command. The
> long error message is attached, but the line I believe reporting the
> error is the following:
> ...
> "/usr/bin/nepomukservicestub(19426)" Error in thread 3044767440 :
> "iODBC Error: [iODBC][Driver Manager]Data source name not found and
> no default driver specified. Driver could not be loaded"
> ...
> Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.

Hmm, I don't really have an idea. Here, on openSUSE I have the following 
three packages related to Virtuoso installed:

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