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Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Sat Jan 2 16:26:11 GMT 2010

On Saturday, 2010-01-02, Peter Evans wrote:
> Hello from a newbie. A question about the forms in which to write people's
> names.
> As I wade through one pile of incoming new year cards with my name and
> address mostly printed on and another pile of outgoing new year cards with
> my correspondents' names and addresses laboriously handwritten, it occurs
> to me that the average Windows user is doing things more efficiently than
> I'm doing them in (K)ubuntu. A bit of googling around suggested that the
> combination of Kontact and gLabels would do the job next year. I thought
> I'd at least start typing people's names, addresses, etc into Kontact,
> leading up to superefficiency a year from now.
> First problem: When I look for help in Kontact (under Ubuntu) I'm told
> "Could not launch the KDE Help Center: Could not find service
> 'khelpcenter'." Synaptic can't find "khelpcenter" either. I'm literally
> helpless. Does help need KDE?

Maybe an incomplete install. Check if you have the package called khelpcenter4 

> So anyway, I started to type in people's names. They're mostly Japanese
> names, which I type in Japanese script; (English-interface) Kontact neither
> knows how they're pronounced nor asks me. Thus they end up listed in no
> order.
> I try changing my procedure, moving (say) 中村和子 (whose reading is
> "Nakamura Kazuko", surname first) to a "Custom Field" that I call
> "Printingname", and typing "Nakamura Kazuko" as her name. This way, all the
> names are in order. However, if I just want to SEE how to write Nakamura
> Kazuko properly, it seems that I have to dig down to the subpage for
> "Custom Fields". (Incidentally, typing Japanese characters into this Custom
> Field produces piles of spurious characters in addition to those I want;
> even though typing the same characters into the name or address field is
> fine.)
> Later I'm going to want to type in anglo names too. Analogous to 中村和子
> and "Nakamura Kazuko" will be "Joe Bloggs" and "Bloggs, Joe" respectively
> -- the latter for neat listing, the former to appear on new year cards and
> the like. This all seems very elementary.

What I usually do is:
- when I create a new contact I click on the "edit name..." button
- inserting information as available
- chose "reverse with comma" as the formatting option

All my contacts have latin characters only so I am not sure this will help 

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