[kdepim-users] spell check dictionaries

Art Alexion art.alexion at verizon.net
Sun Jan 10 14:00:10 GMT 2010

My KDE/kmail spell checker is apparently English-GB.  No offense to my British 
friends, but I prefer to use English-US, as that is where I live and do most 
of my correspondence.  I have been noticing that a lot of correctly spelled 
words are flagged as misspelled and the suggestions are the British spelling.  
An example is "behavior" which kmail wants me to spell, "behaviour".

What is the package I should be looking for with the English-US dictionaries?

On a possibly off topic, related issue, KDE apps want to print on A4 instead 
of US Letter, by default.  Where do I change that setting in KDE 4?

Art Alexion
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