[kdepim-users] spell check dictionaries

Steven Friedrich freebsd at insightbb.com
Sun Jan 10 14:33:11 GMT 2010

On Sunday 10 January 2010 09:00:10 am Art Alexion wrote:
> My KDE/kmail spell checker is apparently English-GB.  No offense to my
>  British friends, but I prefer to use English-US, as that is where I live
>  and do most of my correspondence.  I have been noticing that a lot of
>  correctly spelled words are flagged as misspelled and the suggestions are
>  the British spelling. An example is "behavior" which kmail wants me to
>  spell, "behaviour".
> What is the package I should be looking for with the English-US
>  dictionaries?
> On a possibly off topic, related issue, KDE apps want to print on A4
>  instead of US Letter, by default.  Where do I change that setting in KDE
>  4?
Open a new email, and go to Settings...Spellchecker.

What does default language say?
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