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Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Sun Jan 10 14:49:35 GMT 2010

On Sunday 10 January 2010, Art Alexion wrote:
> On Sunday 03 January 2010 16:13:41 Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> > > What kinds of problems should I be looking for in the file?
> >
> > You could check whether the identity you set for a folder is stored
> > in kmailrc or not. To do this make a copy of kmailrc, start KMail,
> > change the identity of a folder, quit KMail, make another copy of
> > kmailrc, compare the two copies (e.g. with Kompare).
> I have looked at the kmailrc.  It appears the
> 	UseDefaultIdentity=false
> is correct for an example folder.  The
> 	WhoField=
> is blank.  I don't know if this relates to identities.  The
> 	Id=1971423178
> 	Identity=697116655
> settings have numbers.  I can't figure out where these numbers come
>  from.

The Identity number should correspond to a number in the emailidentities 

> The file is not read only, though kmail doesn't seem to be writing to
>  it as changes in kmail are not reflected in changes to kmailrc.

That's weird. Do any other files in the config folder change if you 
change settings in other applications?

>  I
>  would like to help find out why this isn't happening, but for now, I
>  would just like to fix it manually.  How do I determine the correct
>  identity number so that I can type it in manually with an editor?

See above.

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