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Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Thu Jan 28 12:16:39 GMT 2010

On Thursday 28 January 2010 10:59:11 you wrote:
> Just to be sure I rebooted and old Fedora9 in wich I have:
> KDE 3.5.10-3-fc9
> Kmail 1.9.10
> Knotact  1.2.9
> I run Kontact
> I close its main window with the X button
> I fin in the tray 2 more icons:
> 1) is Korganizer's deamon
> 2) is Kmail icon ==> it shows the number of unreaded messages and if
> you click it re-opens Kcontact main window.
> What I said here is correct, because I'm running it while I write to you.
> Perhaps my previous description was misleading because my English is
> not so good.
> What I'm going to say is just what I remember: even in my actual
> Fedora11 installation with KDE4 some versions from now I got the same
> result, but I can't confirm it with a test.
> So I just ask:
> is there any way to get now the old behaviour?
> Sorry for my insistence but that was really good for me.
I'm sure it has nothing to do with the quality of your English, which is 
perfectly understandable.  I have been using KMail constantly since 2002, and 
have never seen what you describe, and was surprised that Ingo didn't jump in 
and support you - I realise now that he has said he doesn't use KDE 4.x, so 
possibly didn't know the answer.  However, now that you have had a chance to 
confirm the behaviour I went to my server, which uses CentOS 5.4 - the 
equivalent of FC 6.  What I saw was as I remembered it.  Now comes the good 

Since you were confident, I poked around all the settings menus.  There, under 
Appearance, is a System Tray tab, where you can enable such an icon.  I've 
simply never used it.  So - back to Fedora 12, check settings, and it's still 
there, exactly as it was!  So the answer appears to be yes, you can get back 
the behaviour you liked.

I seem to recall that I didn't use that because it indicates the number of 
unread mails, which I saw as unnecessary because I always have KMail open.

Sorry that I was wrong, earlier, but at least we seem to have a resolution.

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