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Arnaud G lepelerin2002 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 14 17:03:48 GMT 2010


I am using Kontact 4.3.2 and KMail 1.12.2 on Debian/Squeeze.

My goal is to place the "local folders" on a network drive where my storage space is pretty high and for security reasons. I do not want to keep anything on my laptop.

I am using IMAP so for my IMAP accounts it's working fine as it's always accessible.

The reasonning behind that is that I store in my "local folders" emails that I want to archive and emails that are dealt with. I do not delete my emails.

2 questions:

1) Is there a way of doing it?
2) What would be the consequences of doing it.

I looked around to find a solution, googled it to no availability.

Ultimately is there a better way of achieving what I want to do?

Thank you in advance


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