[kdepim-users] Possibility to upgrade kontact/kmail (KDE_PIM) ahead of KDE?

Christian Rößler Roessler at FuH-E.de
Mon Jan 25 13:26:56 GMT 2010

Hallo together,

I am in the process of migrating some older groupware server to Kolab
(Kolab: http://www.kolab.org/). This Kolab groupware server revolves
around kontact.

Well, we use a dedicated server for X-programs. Our users use this
'central' server via ssh -X-Login from linux workstations.

The problem I have is that the Linux version on this server is not the
youngest, and also not the Kontact/KDE-PIM along with KDE. I would be
eager to find a way getting around updating this server first.

So I wanted to ask: Is there a possibility to just update KDE-PIM
without updating the whole of KDE? Has anyone tried to 'wrap' KDE-PIM
along with it's needed libraries to try out different versions of KDE-PIM?

Best regards,
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