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Fri Jan 8 09:27:20 GMT 2010

On Thursday 07 January 2010 22:27:09 Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> On Thursday 07 January 2010, Kārlis Repsons wrote:
> > On Thursday 03 December 2009 09:46:24 Kārlis Repsons wrote:
> > > Hi all,
> > > not knowing much about IMAP, I'm still going to set up Dovecot that
> > > way -- what I wanted to know is about search: how can dovecot's
> > > indexing feature be taken advantage of, when a search is performed
> > > with kmail? "Automatically"? Well, just to make sure it actually
> > > can work out...
> >
> > And now I'm back with some other, more concrete questions, but first
> > I'll tell briefly what has been done.
> >
> > I decided to sort mails per year/month and then set up an automatic
> > mechanism to sort within a month folder as desired. First I had to
> > migrate a chunk of old mails to those perhaps over 1k directories.
> > Note, that I set dovecot to
> >
> > :LAYOUT=fs, so I can use that mail tree with mutt in an emergency
> > : situation
> >
> > (which caused that all folders had to be created by hand on server,
> > failure with kmail). But I've not finished the migration yet, because
> > kmail is deadly slow. It takes some hours for it to process those
> > folders every time kmail is started and it "burns" a cpu core.
> >
> > Is that nonstandard serverside mails tree format to blame? Or with
> > maildir++ it'd be about just as slow?
> Probably yes.
I presume its an answer in favour to "just as slow".

> To KMail the folder tree wouldn't look different. The
> difference is only known by dovecot. As such it cannot affect KMail.
?! Well, that is then very strange! How could thunderbird be able to work with 
my imap server (and yes, fast in accessing the mails) and create new folders 
onto it (I tested again, it created a folder "test" into "parrent" just fine, 
looking from server with $ ls)? Thunderbird, on the other hand, had problems 
with symbols like ā,ē... It created someting, which resembled base64 on 
serverside, while the utf8 filesystem folders with Latvian letters on server 
looked like chinese on thunderbird! On top of that, its impossible to create 
and access a new folder with KMail on my dovecot: it doesn't happen, that a 
new folder would be created with name "newfolder" into "parrentfolder", but 
along with the latter "parrentfolder.newfolder" is created! And is not 
accessible w/o KMail restart (or two restarts maybe) just like any other 
folder created from shell on server takes a KMail restart for it to see a 
change, "Refresh Folder List" doesn't help!

I totally agree, that directories format should be an internal matter for 
dovecot, not MUA. 

> > I read, some other IMAP module/whatever is going to be ready for
> > KMail, but is there sufficient reason to think, it will handle such
> > large imap mailbox trees, which are in addition filesystem trees, not
> > maildir++?
> Akonadi will hopefully cope better with this. Does the situation improve
> if you "hide" all but about 100 folders from dovecot (and thus also
> from KMail)?
Yes, it becomes better! KMail desperately tries to enumerate absolutely all of 
the serverside folders while in my case is not necessary. And whats more, that 
'enumeration' is slow (remember CPU burn on client, while almost idle on my 
rather slow server).

Akonadi? But that is a local solution not involving the dovecot server, no?
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