[kdepim-users] Support for palm devices in KDE SC 4.4 and beyond?

Ecaroh ecaroh at gmx.de
Thu Jan 7 21:39:52 GMT 2010

Hi there,

i am using Kpilot with the last KDE 3.5.10 and a Palm Treo 650. Although 
the device is not the youngest it does all i need: Kontacts, Tasks and 
a Calendar. And really, it does what it should - not less, not more.

I gave KDE 4.x a try, but all the same, i do not see any effort over KDE 
3.x. For me as an office (power) user time management, tasks and 
contacts are to urgent to give all working processes away for some 
fancy google stuff or some shiny desktop widgets. And KDE 4.x PIM was 
to unstable for my production enviroment.

And also as a very difficult thing i consider the switch from flat text 
files to databases in all Kontact parts from KDE 3.x to KDE 4.x. 
Whatever i want to sync or to exchange with different computers, the 
flat text files are easy to maintain and to handle.

Remark: Do you remember? Some years ago Palm announced a small notebook 
(now called netbook) together with a Smartphone which should make 
(automagicaly) a seamless sync between the two devices. I really want 
to know why they stopped the development. Was it M$ who circumvent the 
further devlopment? Or is the Palm Pre their serious solution to the 
vanishing profit? However, Palm snafued it with the Pre. Palm has been 
the hardware provider for business needs. Not to mary Google. What the 
f... did they do? Anyway, my hope was that Palm comes not only with a 
Linux kernel but with a _local_ Linux sync. They really missed it and 
pissed me off.

An upcoming solution for us might be the Nokia N900 if Maemo has Kontact 
compatible PIM integrated - or preferably Kontact for low resolution 
displays. It would be surely a nice thing to only sync files from 
Smartphone to PC like you can do with unison or whatever you use for 
file sync. I will watch that device and Maemo too. On the Maemo website 
their seems to be a package which switches Maemo to a regular Debian 
Distro. So it seems to me that you then can install whatever you want. 
I will try to get a test device somewhere in my town. Maybe this might 
be *the* solution.

Yes, i know that there will be a time when i have to switch. But i will 
i do it at the latest moment possible.

And, you are right, Google is in _no way an option_!

What's the conclusion? Stay with the things that work. Avoid the vendor 
lock in trap. Use OpenSource as often as you can. And do not look for 
the newest sparkling stars - even if it is KDE. :-/


Ah, sure i fiddled around with SyncML. But this is another story. 
Kpilot/KDE 3.x and Palm Treo is working. I will stick with that for a 
long while.

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