[kdepim-users] kmail & konqueror vs. firefox ? [on UBUNTU]

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note that my answers refer to KMail 1.9.10 (in KDE 3.5), but they should 
still apply to more recent versions of KMail (in KDE 4.x).

On Saturday 02 January 2010, Norman Bookstein wrote:
> Q. 2  Can I configure kmail to exhibit some indicator (e.g., system
> bar at top) to indicate new mail received from last reading?  kmail
> does almost provide that by exhibiting the number of (unread)
> messages, but then you have to keep track of the previous number in
> order to ascertain if there's an new message.

The answer is, no, not really. What you can do is the following: Via 
Settings->Configure Notifications... you can change the options of what 
should happen if new mail arrived. You can for example write the 
notifications to a file. The notifications are logged with a time 
stamp. But that's just a crude workaround.

> Q.3  It's easy to find new messages in the inbox, but if a filter has
> stashed it somewhere else is there some alert to tell me to look in
> other boxes?

In the Tools menu there's a Filter Log Viewer. If you enable logging and 
disable all options except for "Log filter actions" then you can see 
which folders received new messages. The problem with this is that the 
filter log has to be enabled after each start of KMail. So this is also 
just a crude workaround.

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