[kdepim-users] Korganizer log: intermittent dataloss, core features not working

Art Alexion art.alexion at verizon.net
Tue Apr 27 23:18:39 BST 2010

On Tuesday 27 April 2010 08:50:37 Anne Wilson wrote:
> > > Maybe the problem is that KOrganizer automatically starts a new
> > > recurring event and removes the older ones?
> >
> > 
> >
> > If that is the case, perhaps it could be changed to end rather than
> > remove the earlier ones?
> That's exactly what I do when a change to a recurring entry time is
> needed.  I  set an end date and start a new one.  I've never had any data
> loss.

Right, but you are doing it manually, as opposed to korganizer doing it when 
you edit a single instance.

Actually it should split the recurring appointment into two, one ending before 
the changed instance and another starting immediately after.  Unless what you 
are trying to do is change it from that point forward.  On my Palm device, 
when I used to edit a single occurrence of a recurring appointment, I was 
presented with a dialog asking if I wanted to edit all, edit just this one, or 
edit from this point forward.  That is the sane way for korganizer to work as 

Art Alexion
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