[kdepim-users] Kmail and Maildir & Local Folder

Christian Mikovits gaelic at luchmhor.net
Tue Oct 27 18:15:25 GMT 2009


I've got a few questions about Kmail's handling of Maildirs and Localfolders
First off, I;ve used ClawsMail, but since I moved to kde4 now. I wan't
to use Kmail instead.

With Claws Mail it was possible to just point to a local Maildir and
Claws had it in its view. (I hope you understand what I mean)
Is it possible to do the same thing with Kmail. I really don't want to
have the Mails copied from my ~/.Maildir to
/kde4/share/apps/kmail/mail. Is it really necessary to do that? And if
so, why?

Next thing I tried is to directly sync the Mails to .kde4/blabla using
offlineimap instead to ~/.Maildir. Works great, but Kmail doesn't
realize if there are new Mails in the Folder until i click onto a

Please tell me there's a possibility to use just a plain Maildir
without having Mails copied, moved, deleted, whatever,


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