[kdepim-users] Clicking on new mail causes Index problem

Anne Wilson annew at kde.org
Fri Oct 16 16:55:39 BST 2009

On Friday 16 October 2009 15:28:44 r bartlett wrote:
> Many thanks to Anne and Ingo and others for the earlier upgrade
>  suggestions, file lists, and so on.  I am now running Fedora 11 with KDE
>  and Kontact, and have a strange problem occurring in one of my folders: 
>  Each time I click on a New (Unread) message, the act of clicking corrupts
>  the index data and the file timestamp becomes "Unknown."  Sometimes, but
>  not always, this includes corruption of the entire message, and it will
>  become blank:  empty sender, empty message, empty timestamp.
> If that wasn't weird enough, I've found that some of the messages, the ones
>  with "Unknown" only in the timestamp, come back (forgive the expression)
>  to life when I click on them -- with a proper timestamp again.
> I have tried removing the .index, .index.ids, and .index.sorted (most of my
>  files do not have this last one, it does not seem to be generated) and the
>  problem reoccurs.
As you obviously realise, this is the most common cause of losing messages - a 
corrupt index.  One thing to note.  Did you make sure that kontact was closed 
when you deleted the index files?

What's really confusing, though, is those messages apparently repairing 
themselves.  I've no idea on that.

> It was happening in all my folders but now is limited to the one folder
>  that has most of my email.  About 10 years of emails, some 40,000
>  messages.  If there were a way to archive this without losing easy access
>  via searches I would cut down the size, but I often need to go back to
>  emails that are very, very old...the search and sorting features are very
>  very useful.
Are the folders mbox or maildir?  Maildir is better speedwise, but also if 
something gets corrupted the rest are not at risk.

If you have the patience you could create some new subfolders and drag 
messages (many at a time, if appropriate) into them, ending up with more but 
smaller mailboxes.  KMail allows nesting, for instance this folder is Inbox > 
KDE-Lists > kde-pim, which makes it easier for searching.  I can search on 
KDE-Lists + subfolders, or on Fedora + subfolders, for instance.

Incidentally, drag'n'drop is also the way to convert folders from mbox to 
maildir - create the new folders, move the mail, delete any obsolete folders.

> Many thanks as always for the help.  I apologize for my often improperly
>  formatted posts, too.  I will try to trim them and format them correctly
>  but still have a lot to learn!
Don't we all?  I've been using Linux for more than seven years and am 
constantly learning.

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