[kdepim-users] expiring local copies of IMAP e-mails

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Mon Oct 26 22:24:16 GMT 2009

On Sunday 25 October 2009, E. Hakan Duran wrote:
> Hi there,
> Please excuse me if this is a rather stupid question. This is
> basically for my gmail accounts, all of which were defined as
> disconnected IMAP.
> I believe the local copies of the IMAP e-mails slow down my kmail
> experience, therefore I would like to expire them after say 2 months,
> by moving them to a separate local folder. However, I do *not* want
> to touch the copy on the server, so that it will always be available
> there. What is the best way to accomplish this?

Hmm, tricky.

> If I do it the way I 
> described, I believe every time I login to the IMAP account after the
> expiration, the missing/moved files will be copied to the local kmail
> folder again.

Nope. They would be removed from the remote folder (because you have 
removed them from the local copy of the folder).

> If I try to do it by using an expired- mail folder in 
> the server instead (I don't know if it is possible to make the server
> expire them for me), then that very folder will have a huge local
> copy anyway. Perhaps I can unsubscribe from that folder locally?

Yes, you can use "local subscription" to unsubscribe folders you do not 
wish to see locally.

> I need the opinions of the technical geniuses here please :).
> If you think I am wrong to think that the computer slows down because
> of this, please just teach/convince me why this shouldn't be the
> case.

Synchronizing a large folder will surely take more time than 
synchronizing a folder with less messages. Purely local operations 
shouldn't suffer that much from a larger number of messages, but of 
course some operations will become slower the more messages a folder 

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